3 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Cool Properly

Air conditioner servicing is something you should do very routinely when the summer season is coming. Summer might make the whole area feels hotter and your AC feels not working properly. There are various reasons why your AC might not be cooling properly.

Some of them are very technical while the rest could be a non-technical fault that should be checked. Here are the most common reasons why your AC does not run smoothly to cool the temperature in the room down.

Clogged air filter

We always say that you need to run routine maintenance to your air conditioner. Checking the filter regularly would make a huge difference after all. On the other hand, if you skip the routine, the filter might get clogged which could make the air cannot flow properly. If the air filter is disposable, you can replace it while the other can simply be cleaned.

Dirty coils

If you realized that your AC does not cool properly, you should check the condenser coils. This issue might be appearing due to the build-up debris and dust in the condenser coil. It is also important to clean the condenser coils regularly so it could dissipate the heat outside. Dirtier coils make the air conditioner less and less efficient. On the other hand, it also makes your room never be cold enough.

Insufficient Freon

Freon or the coolant will circulate through the evaporator coils that will also cool the air. Later, it sends cool air and spread to the whole room. However, when the coolant becomes below the ideal number, it makes the AC fails to cool the room. This issue should be fixed by a professional. They will top up your coolant so the machine would work well. And this is how you do the air conditioner servicing.

Repairing The AC In Air Conditioner Servicing Routine

AC is an electronic devices that can lower the temperature in your houses, and as so many other electronics stuff, you will eventually need the air conditioner servicing at http://www.airconboy.sg to maintain the longevity of your AC. this is important since the bad maintenance can lead to the decline of your AC performance and eventually make it broken. To ensure that such thing does not happen, then you will need to inspect the AC regularly, and makes them working at their highest efficiency. The more efficient the AC works, the less energy they required.

The AC energy consumption is already tremendous at this rate, and mostly this happen due to the inefficiency of the power usage by the AC, and also the wrong placement of the AC itself. The machine is designe to cool down the temperature of the isolated and fairly small room or compartment, and if you need the AC in a more wider room, then you will need multiple AC’s. you also need to check the thermostat, as the thermostat is the core of the AC. if the thermostat is broken, then the AC will behave erratically, and then you need to do air conditioner servicing to repair the thermostat.

Doing The Most Effective Air Conditioner Services

AC or air conditioner is the most used tech, especially in the most tropical region such as the sub Saharan or Asian nations, and thus the needs for the air conditioner servicing is soaring there. This is obvious since the climate in both region are blazing hot and also super humid, making the AC very valuable in such regions. Different with the non tropical countries such as the european where the temperature is already mild, and hence does not need the AC as they are in the tropical countries.

And for that, the tech is already very impressive, with many additional element such as eradicating the bacterias and also making the air cleaner and safer to breath. The temperature management of every AC today is also has been tweaked, meaning that they are far more effective and powerful compared to decades ago. You will need to do some maintenance when you own the unit, and hence you need to understand every aspec of it.

AC is quite complex, but there are several thing you can do to maintain your AC, such as cleaning the filter, cleaning the fan, and also checking the thermostat. If there are damages beyond your repairing skill, then you can go to air conditioner servicing in your city.