International Bird Strike Committee

The International Bird Strike Committee (IBSC) is a voluntary association of representatives from organizations who aim to improve commercial, military, and private aviation flight safety, by sharing knowledge and understanding concerning the reduction of the frequency and risk of collisions between aircraft, birds and other wildlife

IBSC Facilitates

The collection, analysis, and dissemination of data to describe and define operational as well as functional, regulatory, and legal aspects of the bird strike risk to aviation;

The description and evaluation of methods to define and reduce the severity, frequency and costs of bird strikes, to define and increase the ability of aircraft to tolerate the bird strike event, and to help air crews to anticipate and react adequately;

The cooperation and collaboration on investigative efforts in order to broaden applicability of results while minimizing duplication of effort.


Steering Committee    

IBSC Officers

Senior Vice Chairman
Europe-Africa Representitive
Americas Representitive
Asia Australasia Representitive
Outreach Officer
Organiser of next meeting
Previous Chairmen (advisory)

Task Groups

Group Leader
Incorporation of Birdstrike in Safety Management Systems
Risk assessment for processes for birdstrike prevention
IBSC Outreach
Radar and remote sensing
Training of birdstrike prevention professionals