International Bird Strike Committee






Cairns 2010


Presentations from the 29th Meeting of International Birdstrike Committee which was held in Cairns, Australia between 21st to 24th September the links below.

A species specific Bird Hazard Index

Color Vision as a Model for Precise Altitude Determination for avian Radar

Developing Wildlife Management Plans in South African Context

AgResearch New Zealand

Wildlife Hazard Management at Aerodromes

Microhabitat Utilisation by Bird Species at Royal Australian Air Force Base

Current stage of bird radar systems

Training for Better Bird Strike Management

The value of photographic remains identification in the UK

A Cognitive and Visual Analytic Assessment of Pilot Response to a Bird Strike

Assessing the Risk of Off-airport Bird Hazards

On the Catwalk: Industry Models for Bird Strike Mitigation

Reducing the Incidence of Bird Strikes Involving High Risk Species at Melbourne Airport, Australia

Managing the Flying - fox Hazard


Aircraft Technology