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Amsterdam Battistoni, V. A juridical approach to birdstrike prevention
Amsterdam Allan, J. A protocol for bird strike risk assessment at Airports
Amsterdam Deacon, N. Aerodrome bird hazard control training in the UK
Amsterdam Matijaca, A. Air traffic safety concerning threat of collision of birds and aircrafts, with regard to the situation in the Republic of Crotia
Amsterdam Thorpe, J. Are We Winning The Battle
Amsterdam Ruhe, W. ASR - bird observation program at German airporrs
Amsterdam Verbeek, M.; Los, W.; Buurma, L. S. and Hagemeijer, W. Bird Avoidance Model (BAM) Europe
Amsterdam Lensink, R.; Poot, M. J. M.; Tulp, I.; van Der Winden, J.; Dirksen, S.; de Hoon, L.J.M. Buurma, L.S Bird densitites in the lower air layers, a case stude on Eindhoven airport 1998/1999
Amsterdam Pessoa, S.; Sequeira, C. and Blokpoel, H. Bird Strike Hazards as a factor in the site selection process and planning for the future new Lisbon Airport
Amsterdam Buurma, L. S. Bird Strikes above the boundary layer
Amsterdam Nikolaidis, E. D. Bird Strikes in Greece
Amsterdam Short, J. J.; Kelley, M. E.; Speelman, R. J. and McCarty, R. E. Birdstrike Prevention - Applying Aero-Science and Bio-Science
Amsterdam Bastos, L. C. Brazilian Avian Hazard Control Program - Educational Initiatives
Amsterdam Ostrom, J. E. Chemical immobilization - one more wildlife management tool
Amsterdam Krupka, R. Collisions of the Czech air force's aircraft with birds during 1993/1999
Amsterdam Vogt, Dr. P. Control of nuisance birds in the airport arena by fogging with rejex-it aerosol
Amsterdam Defusco, R Current status of the USAF bird avoidance model (BAM)
Amsterdam Brown, S. Ensuring that landfill sites do not attract birds
Amsterdam Davidse, Ir. C. T.; Harte, Ir. M. and Branderhorst, Ir. H. Estimation of bird strike rate on a new island in the north sea
Amsterdam Deacon, N. and Rochard, B. Fifty years of airfield grass management in the UK
Amsterdam Gordon, S. and Lyman, N. Flight control as a goose deterrent at Portland international airport
Amsterdam Lesham, Y.; Shamoun Baranes, J. and Wise, G. J. Flight Safety, Internet and Education A Leading Tool for Global Aawareness.
Amsterdam Zalakevicius, M. Global Climate Change, Bird Migration and Bird Migration and Bird Strike Problems
Amsterdam Hartmann, G. Identification guide to bird strike remains under preparation
Amsterdam Van Eekeren, R. IFALPHA'S Wild Life Hazard Policy
Amsterdam de Hoon, L. J. M. and Buurma, L. S. Influence of Land use on bird mobility, a case study on Eindhoven airport 1998/1999
Amsterdam Robinson, M. Is the possibility of a costly aircraft birdstrike growing
Amsterdam Eschenfelder, P. Jet engine cerification standards
Amsterdam Oost, L. and Verboom, J. Larch-Airport: A Gis-Based Risk Assessment Model
Amsterdam Kusters, E. Man-made wetlands and flight safety
Amsterdam Ebbingel, B. S. and Buurma, L. S. Mid Winter Movements of Geese in the Netherlands as a risk to Aviation Safety.
Amsterdam Anagnostopoulos, A. Monitoring avifauna for risk analysis at Athens international Airport S.A
Amsterdam Jackson, V. S. and Allan, J. R. Nature reserves and aerodromwa - resolving conflicts
Amsterdam Weitz, H. New mowing machines for grassland management on airfields of the German airforce
Amsterdam Sharma, R. K. and Joshi, C. New technique for preparation of feather remains
Amsterdam Ryjov, S. K. Outlook on development of means to repel birds
Amsterdam Beekman, J. H. and Klaassen, M. Perspective for satellite tracking swans and geese: a review
Amsterdam Eschenfelder, P. Phoenix Rio Salado/Tempe Town Lake
Amsterdam Dekker, A. Poor Long Grass Low Bird Intensity Ground Covwer For The Runway Environment
Amsterdam Knauer, R. F. Practical application techniques for flight control, a new bird repellent for the aviation industry
Amsterdam Hagemeijer, W.; Buurma, L. S. and Verbeek, M. Predicting strike hazards from Bird Data: Towards a dutch bam as a model for a European Bam
Amsterdam Barras, S. C. and Dolbeers, R. A. Reporting bias in birdstrikes at John F Kennedy international airport, New York, 1979/1998
Amsterdam Richardson, W. J., and West,T. Serious birdstrike accidents to military aircraft: updated list and analysis
Amsterdam Satheesan, S. and Satheesan, M. Serious vulture hits to aurcraft over the world
Amsterdam Poot, M. J. M.; Lensink, R.; Tulp, I.; van Der Winden, J.; Dirksen, S.; de Hoon, L.J.M. & Buurma L.S Spatial patterns of bird movements on and around an airport: a case study on Eindhoven AIRPORT 1998/1999
Amsterdam Kelly, T. A.; Merritt, R.; White, R.; Smith, A. and Howera, M. The Avian hazard advisory system (AHAS)@ Latest developments in the operational use of weather radar and bird activity forecasting for reducing bird strike risk in North America
Amsterdam Budgey, R. and Allan, J. The development for atrificial bird designs for birdstrike resistance testing
Amsterdam Manktelow, S. The effect of local weather conditions on bird-aircraft collisions at British airports.
Amsterdam Rochard, B. The UK Civil aviation autority's approach to bird hazard risk assessment
Amsterdam Carter, N. B. The use of Border Collies in avian and wildlife control programs
Amsterdam Froneman, A. Towards the management of bird hazards on South African airports - the airports company South Afroca - endangered wildlife trust partnership.
Amsterdam Baxter, A. Use of distress calls to deter birds from Landfill sites near airports
Amsterdam van Belle, J.; Maan, M.; van Gasteren, H. and Buurma, L. S. Using Radar to obtain a quantitative description of bird movements in the dutch coastal area.
Amsterdam van Belle, J.; van Gasteren, H. and Buurma, L. S. Using radar to obtain a quantitive description of summer bird movements in the Dutch coastal area
Amsterdam Matthews, D. N. Waste from Chicken dressing centres as fertilizer for coconut trees to reduce the volume of food available to Pariah Kites Milvus migrans in the bufferzone of Calicut aerodrome
Amsterdam Kelly, T. C.; Bolger, R. and O'Callaghan, M. J. A. Weather and birdstrikes: an investigation at a coastal airport
Amsterdam Zalakevicius, M. Wetlands and Aviation: between protection and regulation
Amsterdam Wattel, J. Which Birds?
Amsterdam Horton, N. Who said pigeons do not have a distress call?
Amsterdam Kelly, T. Why do birds collide with Aircraft? : a behaviuoral perspective
Amsterdam Patterson, B. Wildlife conrol at Vancouver international airport; introducing Border Collies
Amsterdam Horton, N. Year 2000 - fifity years since Adams
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