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Athens Leshem, Y.; Ovadia, Maj. O. and Dinevich, L. A national network of bird and weather radars in israel - from vision to reality
Athens Baxter, A. and Cropper, P. Aeronautical studies to determine the spatial movements of hazardous birds
Athens Defusco, R.; Harper, J. and Ruhe, W. Alaska bird avoidance model (AK Bam) development and implementation
Athens Nicholls, D. and Bell, J. An assessment of bird strike risk at national level
Athens Dolbeer, R. A.; Wright, S. E. and Eschenfelder, P. E. Animal Ambush at the airport: the need to broaden ICAO standards for bird strikes to include terrestrial wildlife
Athens Vasilis, L.; Jerrentrup, H.; Dora, P. and Anastasios, E. Assessment and integrated risk management of collisions aircrafts to birds at international civil aerodrome of kavala
Athens Ruhe, W. Bird Avoidance models Vs realtime birdstrike warning system - a comparison
Athens Walker, A. Bird control - what new technologies airports should be considering in terns of birdstrike avoidance
Athens Morgenroth, C. Bird deterrence at airportd by means of long grass managament - A strategic mistake?
Athens Nikolaidis, E. D. Bird dtrikes in Greece - 2001 Civil Aviation
Athens Smallie, J. and Froneman, A. Bird strike data analysis at south african airports and spatial representation of bird patrols in relation to bird strike occurences
Athens Nikolaidlis, E. and Koloka, V. Bird Strike in Hellas - Civil Aviation
Athens Sheehy, S.; Kelly, T. C.; Fennessy, G.; O'Callaghan, M. and Bolger, R. Bird Strike syndrome: towards developing an index of bird injury
Athens Dickie, A. M.; Newman, R. A. and Hovan, M. Collection and dissemination of wildlife strike data at airports for the US Federal Aviation Administration via the world wide web
Athens Froneman, A. Conservationand Industry Strategic Partnerships - A model approach for the effective implementation of an airport authority bird hazard management program
Athens Matijaca, A. Court Judgements: Pro & Contraq
Athens de Hoon, A.; Charalambidou; Buurma, L. S. and van Loon, E. Cyprus' Flamingoes commuting across the runway: adapting the aircraft's or birds' flight schedule
Athens Figden, H.; Robinson, A. and Baxter, A. Do birds respond to infrasound? A study of low frequency sound as bird-deterring technology
Athens Baxter, A. Effectiveness of best practice bird control on Landfill sites in relation to gull feeding behaviour
Athens Dekker, A. and Gasteren, H. Eurbase: Military bird strike frequency in europe
Athens Thorpe, J. Fatatilities and Destoyed civil aircraft due to bird strikes 2002 to 2004
Athens Kupstein, H. and Carter, N. B. Grass species as a key element in bird control strategy around the airfield.
Athens Fennessy, G.; Kelly, T. C.; Bolger, R.; Sheehy, S. and O'Callaghan, M. J. A. Ground versus Air - Seasonal changes is the use by birds of an irish airport
Athens Eschenfelder, P. High speed at low altitude:hazard to commercial aviation
Athens DeFusco, R.; Hovan, M.; Harper, J. and Heppard, K. A. Integrated north american bird avoidance system: research and development strategic plan
Athens Briot, J. L. Last experiments with a laser equipment designed for Avian dispersal in airport environment
Athens Shamoun-Baranes, J.; Sierdsema, H.; van Loon, E.; van Gasteren, H.; Bouten, W. and Sluiter, F. Linking horizintal and vertical models to predict 3D + time distributions of bird densities
Athens Dekker, A. and Buurma, L. S. Mandatory reporting of bird strikes in Europe
Athens Allan, J. R. Minimum best practice standards for aerodrome bird control
Athens Robinson, A. P. Modelling the birdstrike risk from hazardous birds attracted to restored mineral extraction sites
Athens Walls, R. Monitoring avian movement using bird detection radar; impacts of nocturnal movement on flight safety at a military aerodrome.
Athens Cleary, E. C. and Dolbeer, R. A. Multi-engine bird strikes to turbine-powered aircraft
Athens Shorr, B.; Mel'nikova, G. and Tishchenki, N. Numerical and Experimental analysis of a large bird impact on fan blades for the certification purpose
Athens Fennessy, G.; Sheehy, S.; Kelly, T. C.; O'Callaghan, M. J. A. and Bolger, R. Over-flying of birds at an airport: developing a methology
Athens Lykos, V.; Kiohos, A.; Eleftheriou and Halkos, G. Risk problem classification schemes in bird strikes risk policy strategies
Athens Richardson, W. and West, T. Serious Birdstrike accidents to U.K M,ilitary Aircraft 1923 to 2004: Numbers and Circumstances
Athens Ovadia, Maj. O. Ten years of birdstrikes in the Israeli Air Force
Athens Gleizer, H.; Bar, P.; Bahat, O.; Groner, E. and Ovadia, O. The effect of habitat productivity and structure on bird spatial distribution in an airfield located at a semi-arid region
Athens Thapaliya, R. A. The role of the government and non-government organization towards the aviation safety by minimizing the wild hazard problem from tia and other airport of nepal
Athens Tareh, H, A. and Hoon, A. Water birds, aircraft and bird strikes in Iran
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