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Bern Hild, Dr. J. About Effects of Agricultural and Grassland Use on Airfields - Reducing Bird Populations.
Bern Herzig, M. Approaches to Protect Endangered Areas on Airports from Bird Population by XIRONET Bird Netting.
Bern Hild, Dr. J. Biophenological Observation and Information Service in GAF, A Help for Birdstrike Forecast.
Bern Bruderer, B. Bird Observations at Zurich Airport.
Bern Kuckuck, H. Birdstrike Tests with Radomes and Windscreens of the HFB 320 Hansa Jet and Transall C 160
Bern Thorpe, J. and van Dusseldorp, J. G. Birdstrikes During 1976 to European Registered Civil Aircraft
Bern Hild, J. Birdstrikes on Helicopters in German Air Force.
Bern Bruderer, B. Collisions of Aircraft with Birds of Prey in the Alps
Bern Larsson, B. Continuous Work With the Migratory Bird Forecasting System Presented at BSCE12/WWC3
Bern Laty, M. ESSAIS en Cours du Repulsif RETA
Bern Delor, B. and Besse, J. Etude De La Resistance Des Structures aux Impacts D'Oiseaux Par
Bern Besse, J. Exploitation Des Tirs D'Oiseaux A Grande Vitesse Sur Structure D'Avions Metalliques
Bern Unknown First Experiences with Seagull Models at Zurich Airport
Bern Vice Chairman Garbage Dumps in the Vicinity of Airports. Homing Pigeons in the Vicinity of Airports.
Bern Chairman of BSCE Information Paper
Bern Hild, Dr. J. Large Scale Weather Situations and Influence on Bird Migration During Seasons of the Year.
Bern Dallo, E. Le Bird Strike Committee Europe Et Les Organisations Internationales
Bern Vice Chairman Length of the Grass Along Runways
Bern Unknown Measures Available to the Airport Management for the Reduction of the Birdstrike Risk
Bern Richards, P. F. Operational Control of Airspeed for Minimizing Bird Impact Hazard.
Bern Marcal, G. Peril Aviaire
Bern Heijink, I. J. and Buurma, L. S. Practical and Economical Aspects of Grassland Management at Some Dutch Airbases
Bern Riley, M. Preliminary Laboratory and Field Trials of the Chemical Repellent Synergised Ammonium Aluminium Sulphate on Rodents and Principally Birds.
Bern Turesson, L-O. Report from an ICAO Workshop on Reducing Bird Hazards
Bern Suter, W. Roosting and Feeding Flights of Black-Headed Gulls (Laridus ridibundus) in the Region of Zurich Airport
Bern Thorpe, J. Some Notes on Analysis of Birdstrike to UK General Aviation Aircraft 1968-1977
Bern Schwarzenbach, Capt. T. The Birdstrike Reporting System in Swissair
Bern Thorpe, J. The Computer Analysis Project
Bern Lind, H. The Identification of Bird Remains as Part of the Birdstrike Reporting Procedure.
Bern Buurma, L. S. The Practical Use of Bird Migration Warnings. Some Proposals for Better Co-operation Between Countries
Bern Vice Chairman Use of Chemicals to Make the Soil of Airport Surroundings Unattractive
Bern Sanche, Capt. J. Working Paper on the Operational Use of Birdstrike Information from a Pilot's View
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27th - Athens 2005 26th - Warsaw 2003 25th - Amsterdam 2000
24th - Slovakia 1998 23rd - London 1996 22nd - Vienna 1994
21st - Jerusalem 1992 20th - Helsinki 1990 19th - Madrid 1988
18th - Copenhagen 1986 17th - Rome 1984 16th - Moscow 1982
15th - Brussels 1981 14th - The Hague 1979 13th - Bern 1978
12th - Paris 1977 11th - London 1976 10th - Stockholm 1975
9th - Frankfurt 1974 8th - Paris 1973 7th - London 1972
6th - Copenhagen 1971 5th - The Hague 1970 4th - The Hague 1969
3rd - Brussels 1968 2nd - The Hague 1967 1st - Frankfurt 1966 - no papers