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Copenhagen Caithness, T. A. A Granulated Insecticide to Control Invertebrates on Airfields
Copenhagen Bird Movement Working Group Activities of the Working Group
Copenhagen Barra, B. and Labozzetta, B. Air Traffic Control Radar Data Analysis and Bird Movements Detection
Copenhagen Harrison, M. J. Avoiding Birdstrikes
Copenhagen Besse, J. and Fuertes, A. Behaviour of Aramid Epoxy Composite Structures to Bird Impact
Copenhagen Agat, I. and Suaretz, S. Bird Hazard at Ben-Gurion Airport
Copenhagen DeFusco, Cptn R. P.; Larkin, Dr. R. P. and Quine, Dr. D. B. Bird Hazard Warning Using Next Generation Weather Radar. (Revised)
Copenhagen Weaver, A. T. Bird Hazards to Large Transport Aircraft Engines
Copenhagen DuPont, G. Bird Observation System SEMMERZAKE. Further Steps and Improvements.
Copenhagen Thorpe, J. and van Wessum, R. Bird Strikes During 1983 to European Registered Civil Aircraft. (Aircraft Over 5700 Kg Maximum Weight)
Copenhagen Thorpe, J . and van Wessum, R. Birdstrikes During 1984 to European Registered Civil Aircraft (Aircraft over 5700kg Maximum weight)
Copenhagen Bakker, C. Birdstrikes During 1985.
Copenhagen Renoux, Cptn. D. Communications to and from the Pilot.
Copenhagen Speelman, R. J. Enhancement of F/RF-4 Transparency System Bird Impact Resistance.
Copenhagen Jacoby, V. E. Ethological Aspects of Plane's Protection Against Birds.
Copenhagen DeFusco, Cptn. R. P. Frightening Devices in Airfield Bird Control.
Copenhagen Bremond, A. Helicopter Bird Strike Resistance. (Revised)
Copenhagen Bremond, A. Helicopter Birdstrike Resistance
Copenhagen Brom, T. G. Identification of Bird Remains for Birdstrike Analysis: A Literature Synopsis.
Copenhagen Efanov, B. Increase of Efficiency of the Mobile Bio-Acoustic System for Scaring Birds within the Airport area.
Copenhagen Turesson, L. O. Index for Database. BSCE Papers and Documents
Copenhagen Dahl, H. Invitation
Copenhagen Briot, J. L. Last French Experiments Concerning Birdstrike Hazards Reduction (1981-1986)
Copenhagen Turner, Sqdn. Ldr. C. J. Military Aircraft Birdstrike Analysis 1983-1984
Copenhagen Beuter, K. J. and Weiss, R. Properties of the Auditory System in Birds and the Effectiveness of Acoustic Scaring Signals.
Copenhagen Solman V. E. F. and Thurlow, W. J. Reduction of Wildlife Hazards to Aircraft
Copenhagen Wildlife Administration. Report on Permissions Granted by Wildlife Administration in 1985.
Copenhagen Neveux, C. Resistance of Windscreen to Bird Impact During Cold Weather.
Copenhagen Thorpe, J. Serious Birdstrikes to Civil Aircraft 1984 & 1985.
Copenhagen De Bont Boomans, J. F. ; De Raeve, P. and Verachtert, B. Strategies for the Identification of Bird Remains from Birdstrikes. Survey and Advanced Approach by Biochemical Analysis of Tissues.
Copenhagen Ruiz, J. and Morera, P. Study Structure of Bird and Ecosystems in Spanish Airports.
Copenhagen Lind, H. The Problem of Black-Headed Gulls (Larus Ridibundus) Breeding Near Airports.
Copenhagen Becker, J. The Use of Radar Data for Bird Strike Prevention in Germany
Copenhagen Thompson, M. M. and Will, T. J. Toxic Perches for Control of Pest Birds in Aircraft Hangers
Copenhagen Thompson, M. M.; DeFusco, R. P. and Will, T. J. U.S. Air Force Birdstrikes. 1983-1985. (Revised)
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