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Frankfurt Blackwell, Mr.F.; Wilmot, Mr. T. A. W. and Houghton, Mr. E. W. Analysis and Classification of Bird Flight and Echo Data obtained by Radar
Frankfurt Jacoby, Dr. V. E. and Goryachev, V. A . Analysis of Bird Strikes in Civil Aviation of the USSR: Biological and Technical Aspects
Frankfurt Laty, Mr.M. M. Au Sujet Des Nouveaux Risques De Collisions Presentes Par Les Mouettes Rieuses Sur L'Aeroport De Nice - Cote D' Azur
Frankfurt Thorpe, J. Bird strikes during 1972 to European Registered Civil Aircraft.
Frankfurt Brough, Mr. T. and Houghton, Mr. E.W. Estimating the Physical Dimensions of Birds by Radar
Frankfurt Rabol, Dr. J. Forecast Models for Bird-Migration Intensities in Denmark.
Frankfurt Louette, Dr. M. Lapwing investigations on Beauvechain Airport
Frankfurt Salter, Sqdn. Ldr. A. Military Aircraft Birdstrike Analysis 1972
Frankfurt Bruderer, Dr. B. Multiple Regression Analysis of Weather and Migration Data in Switzerland
Frankfurt Luniak, Dr. M. Polish Ornithological Investigations having some Significance to Bird Strike Problems
Frankfurt Hunt, Dr. F. R. Radar Detection of Birds in an Operational Environment.
Frankfurt Solman, Dr. V. E. F. Report to Bird Strike Committee, Europe, June 20, 1974. (Progresss made in Canada since last meeting)
Frankfurt Hild, Dr. J. and Becker, Dr. J. The Birdstrike Problem in German Air Force. Background analysis and Instruction. Actual Advisory Procedures
Frankfurt Politt, W. The problem of Bird Strikes in Statistics and Analysis
Frankfurt Alerstam, Mr. T. Visible Bird Migration and Weather.
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