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Helsinki Ilyichev, V. D.; Nechval, N. A. and Biryukov, V. Y. A General Statistical Approach to Identification of Bird Remains After Collision Between Aircraft and Birds
Helsinki Horton, N. Advising on Aerodrome Bird Control. Some Requirements and Complications
Helsinki Jacoby, V. E. Analysis of Bird Collision with Planes and Possibility of Utilization of the Bird Strike Prevention Measures
Helsinki Thorpe, J. Analysis of Bird Strikes Reported by European Airlines 1981-1985
Helsinki Rogachyov, A. I. Bioacoustic Scaring of Birds in Airports
Helsinki Fritz, J. Bird Control at Geneva Airport
Helsinki Vuillermet, P. and Briot, J. L. Bird Control on Aerodromes, French Regulation
Helsinki Thomas, C. S. Bird Hazard Management at Manchester Airport
Helsinki Becker, J. Bird Migration - A Flight Safety Risk
Helsinki Becker, J. Bird Observation by the Skyguard Search and Tracking Radar
Helsinki Shergalin, J. E. Bird Strikes Analysis in Estonia 1951 - 1988
Helsinki Merritt, R. L. Bird Strikes to U.S Air Force Aircraft 19888-1989
Helsinki Short, J. J. Bird Weight Distribution of Low-Level Birdstrikes
Helsinki BSCE Chairman Contact Persons Regarding Bird Strike Work
Helsinki Shorr, B. F. Design of Aviation Engine Elements for Bird Strike Action
Helsinki Horton, N. Distinguishing Between Ducks, Geese and Swans by Means of Feather Micro-Biometrics
Helsinki Denmark EEC Regulations Regarding Reforesting of Former Farm Lands
Helsinki Laty, M. Experiments Taking Place: Tests for the Frightening Away of Birds by Means of a Laser Gun
Helsinki Perremans, K. External Surface Structures for Rachis, Rami and Rachidial Barbules of Feathers and their Potential for Determination Purposes
Helsinki Ouellet, H. and van Zyll de Jong, S. A. Feather Identification by Means of Keratin Protein Electrophoresis
Helsinki Finnish Air Force Finnish Air Force Bird Strike Summary 1981 - 1989
Helsinki van Oostenbrugge, R. Geese and Air Traffic in the Netherlands
Helsinki Biryukov, V. Y. and Nechval, N. A. Homogeneity Testing Problems in Bird Strike Data Processing When Sample Sizes are Small
Helsinki Petersen, N. E. HWH Airport Lawn Mower Tyoe HS-2 Triplex and Experience Gathered at Aalborg Airport, Denmark
Helsinki Speelman, R. J. and McCarty, R. C. Improving Birdstrike Resistance of Aircraft Windshields
Helsinki Becker, J. Improving the Birdstrike Warning System in Central Europe
Helsinki Klaver, I. A. Influence of Bird-Shooting on the Relation: Numbers Present / Incidents
Helsinki Becker, J. Mapping the Birdstrike Risk
Helsinki Brough, T. and Horton, N. Nocturnal Bird Problems on Aerodromes
Helsinki Alfiya, H. Nocturnal Migration of Birds Over Isreal, Changes in Direction and Rate of Migration According to the Time of Night
Helsinki Nechval, N. A. On Predicting Accidents and Serious Incidents to Civil Aircraft Due to Bird Strikes in a Future Time Period from Known Observations.
Helsinki Devaux, J.-P. Propeller Foreign Objects Damages Testing
Helsinki Devaux, J.-P. Propfan Bird Ingestion Testing
Helsinki Brom, T. G. and Wattel, J. Proposal for the Establishment of a European Centre for the Identification of Bird Remains
Helsinki Perremans, K. Rachidial Structures of Feathers and Their Potential Use for Determination Purposes
Helsinki Seubert, J. L. Reducing Gull Hazards to Aviation by Controlling Nesting Populations
Helsinki Shergalin, J. E. Results of Ornithofauna Study at Some Soviet Airfields 1972-1988
Helsinki Dahl, H. Revised Index for BSCE Working Papers Issued During the Period 1966-1990, Including Papers Presented at the 1977 World Conference in Paris which was Organised Partly by BSCE
Helsinki Soucaze-Soudat, J. D. Scaring Away Birds by Laser Beam
Helsinki Thorpe, J. Serious Birdstrikes to Civil Aircraft 1987-1989
Helsinki Shergalin, J. E. Soviet Bibliography About Aviation and Radar Ornithology 1982-1990
Helsinki Buurma, L. S. and McKenna, R. Starling Abatement at Pirinclik Air Station in Eastern Turkey
Helsinki Devaux, J.-P. Static Blades Under Load Foreign Objects Damages Testing Program
Helsinki Buurma, L. S. and Bruderer, B. The Application of Radar for Bird Strike Reduction
Helsinki Bentz, P. G. and Brom, T. G. The Convair Accident in the Skagerak 1989 - A Presentation of the Identification Work on Feather Remains Found in the Wreckage
Helsinki Leshem, Y. The Development of a Bird Migration Real-Time Warning System for the Isreali Air Force Utilizing Ground Observers, Radar, Motorized Glider and Drones; and a Preliminary Report on the Use of Transmitters Received by Satellite as a New Warning Method
Helsinki Kretsis, M. and Thomas, C. S. The Development of an Expert System to Minimize Bird Strikes at Airports
Helsinki Allan, J. R. and Watson, L. A. The Impact of a Lumbricide Treatment on Airfield Grassland
Helsinki Bivings, B. and Medve, K. A. The U.S Navy's Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) Problem 1985-1989
Helsinki Milsom, T. The Use of Bird Strike Statistics to Monitor the Hazard and Evaluate Risk on UK Civil Aerodromes
Helsinki Dyck, J. The Ways in Which Feather Colours are Produced and their Potential for Identification of Feather Remains
Helsinki Dekker, A. and Buurma, L. S. Towards a European Database of Military Bird Strikes
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