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Jerusalem Hansen, M. A method of identifying bird species from a blood stain or shred of tissue
Jerusalem Merritt, Major R. L. A simple risk model for assessing bird strike potential
Jerusalem McCloud, R. C. A trial to establish if observation of bird activity in the UK using airfield radars can provide a measure of the bird
Jerusalem Short, J. J. An annotated bibliography of bird hazards to aircraft
Jerusalem Montemaggiori, A. Avian community at Rome Internation Airport of Fiumucino. A study for better facing bird hazard
Jerusalem Biryukov, V. Y. and Lapinskis, Z. Biotechnical devices of bird scaring
Jerusalem Dupont, Cadet G. and Degrieck, Cadet R. Bird observation system semmerzake
Jerusalem Buurma, L. S. Bird Strike Hazards to Helicopters
Jerusalem Sagi, Lieutenant M. and Shamoun, Corporal J. Bird strike preventive measures in the Isreali Air Force
Jerusalem Shergalin, J. E. Bird Strikes analysis in Estonia 1989-1991
Jerusalem Yashon, J. and Shy, E. Bird strikes at Ben-Gurion Airport, Isreal 1982-1991
Jerusalem Jacoby, V. E. and Zvonov Bird Strikes problem in Ethiopian Civil Aviation
Jerusalem Merritt, Major R. L. and Dogan, Captain R. L. Bird Strikes to U.S. Air Force Aircraft 1987-1991
Jerusalem Satheesan, S. M. and Grubh, R. B. Bird-strike remains identification in India
Jerusalem Brom, T. G. Collecting efforts and identification standards in relation to bird strike statistics
Jerusalem Panferova, O. I. and Nechval, N. A. Determination of number of collisions between aircraft and birds to control risks of erroneous judgements on the birdstrike hazard
Jerusalem Ilyichev, V. D.; Biryukov, V. Y. and Nechval, N. A. Determination of the total flying time required for testing the performance of a new on-airfield bird strike prevention strategy against the standard one
Jerusalem Dolbeer, R. A. Evaluation of shotgun shooting to reduce aircraft strikes by laughing gulls at John F Kennedy International Airport 1991
Jerusalem Alfiya, H. Five methods for studying nocturnal bird migration over Isreal
Jerusalem Peled, B. Food preference of the chukar partridge and domestic pigeon at military aerodromes in Isreal
Jerusalem Speelman, R. J.; McCarty, R. C. and Dversdall, D. A. Improving birdstrike resistance of aircrft windshields
Jerusalem Rubin, D. J. Low-level Airspace Birdstrike Hazard Evaluation and Using a GIS to Integrate Bird Population Dynamics into an Aircraft Bird Avoidance Model
Jerusalem Satheesan, S. M. and Grubh, R. B. Migratory-bird strikes to Aircraft in India
Jerusalem Berman, M. M.; Briot, J. L. and Eudot, A. Paper on the performance of the bird control service on French airports
Jerusalem Eudot, A. PICA: A bird strike information program
Jerusalem Leshem, Y. Predicting regularity of bird migration in global bottleneck areas on a daily, seasonal and yearly scale, and its implementation in Isreal air force and civillian flight
Jerusalem Nechval, N. A. Radar Cfar Thresholding in clurrer under detection of airborne birds
Jerusalem Bruderer, B. Radar studies on bird migration in the South of Isreal
Jerusalem Thorpe, J. Recent publications on bird and aviation
Jerusalem Krziwanek, K. C. Risk analysis of birdstrikes on Vienna Airport
Jerusalem Thorpe, J. Serious bird strikes to civil aircraft 1989-1991
Jerusalem Shergalin, J. E. Soviet bibliography about aviation and radar ornithology 1990-1991
Jerusalem Becker, J. State of affairs concerning the birdstrike warning system in Central System
Jerusalem Devaux, J.-P. Substitute bird objectives and constraints
Jerusalem Frank, U. and Brom, T. G. The diagnostic significance of thickened and pronged hamuli in feathers
Jerusalem Perreman, K. The diversity of featherprints in the charadriiformes and in the anseriformes
Jerusalem Dekker, A. and Buurma, L. S. The European database of Military bird strikes from proposal to reality
Jerusalem Allan, J. and Milsom, T. P. The influence of tide and wind on the birdstrike hazard at coastal aerodromes
Jerusalem Allan, J. and Cordrey, L. The potential of Lumbricide chemicals for use in airfield bird control
Jerusalem Hamershock, D. M. Ultrasonics as a method of bird control
Jerusalem Manueco, Captain J. C. Vultures in Spain
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