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London2 Hild, Dr. J. A New Problem on Scaring Birds on Airfields Induced by Planting Trees and Shrubs
London2 Thorpe, J. Accident HS 125 Executive Jet
London2 Austin, Sqdn. Ldr. T. S. Bird Control Untis in the RAF
London2 Hunt, Dr. F. R. Bird Density and the Birdstrike Risk
London2 Thorpe, J. Bird Strikes During 1974 to European Registered Civil Aircraft.
London2 Thorpe, J. Bird Strikes to Engines
London2 Austin, Sqdn. Ldr. T. S. Birdstrike - The Airport Manager's Brief
London2 Maron, J. Birdstrike Problems of the Projected Airport Munchen II
London2 Hild, Dr. J. Birdstrikes, German Air Force
London2 Alerstam, T. and Karlsson, J. Current Work on the Problem of Collisions Between Birds and Aircraft in Sweden
London2 Seubert, J. L. DC-10 Incident at John F Kennedy International Airport
London2 Jacobs, Cdt. T. Experiment of Presentation of Actual Bird Intensity in a "O to 8" scale on a Display Unit
London2 Cesbron-Lavau, H. Global Statistical Approach to the Birdstrike
London2 Hild, Dr. J. Growth Prohibiting Substances and Effects on Grassland Areas
London2 Larsson, B. Height Distribution of Bird Movement in Southern Sweden Measured by Radar Sept-Oct 1976
London2 Cesbron-Lavau, H. How Should Funds be Allocated to Strengthen the Structure?
London2 Heirman, J. and Boomans, J. F. Low Level Flight Birdstrike Risk Map for Belgium
London2 Jacoby, V. E. Migrating Birds and Their Danger to Aeroplanes
London2 Austin, Sqdn. Ldr. T. S. Military Aircraft Birdstrike Analysis 1974
London2 BSCE Paper not presented.
London2 Turesson, L. O. Proposal Concerning the Distribution of Bird Strike Reports
London2 Houghton, E. W.; Blackwell, F.; Brough, T. and Wilmot, T. A. Radar Study of Waders
London2 Larkin, R. P.; Torre-Bueno, J. R.; Griffin, D. R. and Walcot, C. Reactions of Migrating Birds to Lights and Aircraft
London2 Laty, M. Startling of Birds by Light, Experimental Devices, Current Research
London2 Dar, D. Summary of Tests Carried Out at the International Ben Gourion Airport (LOD) With "Bird Repellant Reta"
London2 Stone, R. J. Synergised Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate in the Control of Birds at Airports
London2 Unknown Techniques of Radar Signal Analysis Relevant to Bird Identification. This paper has been withdrawn
London2 Briot, J. L. The Attempt to Get Rid of the Wood-Pigeons (Columba palumbas) from Orly Airport
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9th - Frankfurt 1974 8th - Paris 1973 7th - London 1972
6th - Copenhagen 1971 5th - The Hague 1970 4th - The Hague 1969
3rd - Brussels 1968 2nd - The Hague 1967 1st - Frankfurt 1966 - no papers