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Madrid Brough, T. Addendum to Aerodrome Measures Book. Some Measures Used in Different Countries For Reduction of Bird Strike Risk Around the Airport
Madrid Bivings, A. E. Advantages and Limitations of Radio-Controlled Aircraft in Bird Dispersal
Madrid Brough, T. An Overview of Aerodrome Bird Control and Related Activities in the UK
Madrid Thorpe, J. Bird Avoidance
Madrid Suaretz, S.; Agat, I. and Shy, E. Bird Strikes at Israel Ben-Gurion Airport 1982-1986
Madrid Thorpe, J. and Hole, I. Bird Strikes During 1985 to European Registered Civil Aircraft
Madrid Glennung, A. M. Birds at Copenhagen Airport
Madrid Bakker, C. Birdstrikes During 1987
Madrid Short, Mjr. J. J. Characterization of the Bird Strike Hazards to the Space Shuttle Orbiter
Madrid Bruderer, B. Electronic Recording of Bird Tracks and Bird Numbers by Tracking Radar
Madrid Devaux, J. P. Engine Bird Strike Tests at Cepr Saclay. Tests Methods Improvements
Madrid Morera, P. Evaluation of Bird Populations at Spanish Airports: Outline and Results
Madrid Hild, Dr. J. First ICAO Bird Hazard Reduction Workshop Mexico City, 5-9 October 1987
Madrid Leshem, Y. Following Soaring Bird Migration From the Ground, Motorized Glider and a Radar at a Junction of Three Continents
Madrid Hild, Dr. J. Fundamental Experiences and Suggestions for Biotope-Management-Procedures on International Airports
Madrid Thomas, Dr. C. How Meaningful are Bird Strike Statistics
Madrid Speelman, R. J. and McCarty, R. C. Improving Bird Strike Resistance of Aircraft Windshields
Madrid Eudot, A. Management of a Bird Strike Database using an IBM-PC Compatible Microcomputer
Madrid Biryukov, V.Ya.; Rogachyov, A. I. and Shergalin, E. E. Means and Methods of Bird Number Reduction Within the Airport Area
Madrid Ruiz, J. Present State of Bird Strike Hazards at Spanish Airports
Madrid Scorer, T. Prevention is Better than Legal Liability
Madrid Yacoby, V. E. Radar and Visual Observations of Sea Duck's Mass Spring Migrations in the West Estonia and the Transmission of Birdtam From Tallim Airport to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
Madrid Furbeth, Dr. H. Radio-Controlled Bird Defence System (Steffan System)
Madrid Larking, R. P. and Quine, D. P. Recognising Bird Targets on Next Generation Weather Radar
Madrid Buurma, L. S. and Ockelorn, M. W. ROBIN, The New Bird Extractor on RNLAF Long Range Surveillance Radar
Madrid Soucaze-Soudat, J. D. Self-Contained Portable Laser Transmitter
Madrid Thorpe, J. Serious Bird Strikes to Civil Aircraft 1985 to 1987
Madrid Nechval, N. A. and Biryukov, V. Y. Some Bivariate Probability Models Applicable To Aircraft Collision With Birds
Madrid Bruderer, B. Some Proposals for Evaluations of Bird Strike Data
Madrid Mingarro, M. J. V. and Martinez, C. R. Spanish Birds and Their Influence on Flight and Mission Planning
Madrid Steering Committee Terms of Reference of the Steering Committee of BSCE
Madrid Brom, T. G. The Analysis of Feather Remains: Evaluations and Perspectives
Madrid Thomas, Dr. C. The Development of an Effective Bird Detection and Dispersal Programme
Madrid Briot, J. L. The Use of Synthetic Noise Generators in French Airports
Madrid Buurma, L. S. Thermal Imaging. A New Remote Sensing Technique for Nocturnal Wildlife Studies
Madrid De Fusco, Capt. R. P.. United States Air Force Bird Strike Summary (1986-1987)
Madrid Dekker, A. and Buurma, L. S. Visual Lapwing Counts Versus Aircraft-Lapwing Strikes
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