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Slovakia Eschenfelder P. Advice to flight crews concerning the wildlife hazard to aircraft
Slovakia Speelman, R. J.; Kelley, R. E.; McCarty, R. E. and Short, J. J. Aircraft Birdstrikes:Preventing and Tolerating
Slovakia Short, J. J. An annotated bibliography of bird hazards to aurcraft (ABBHA): Status report.
Slovakia Jacoby V. E. Analysis of the bird-strikes to ex-soviet union air force in east Germany, 1970-1981, 1985-1991
Slovakia Harlan, D.; William S, Young G, Pennycuick J, Fuller, Yates M, Dayton J, Henke M, Bramer M, Maechtle Bird flight forecast and information system.
Slovakia Palakevieius, M. Bird Migration and weather: A short-term forecast for the Baltic Region
Slovakia Hahn, E. and Weitz, H. Bird strikes versus bird counts on airports - is there any correlation?
Slovakia Martindale, I. G. and Reed J. M. Birdstrike Statistics as a Design Tool
Slovakia Kusters, E. and Scheller, W. Birdstrikes with military aircraft and flight altitudes of raptors in Germany
Slovakia Shamoun-Baranes, J. Comparison of israeli Air Force birdstrike statistics resulting from various bird remains identification methods
Slovakia Prast, W.;Blok, M.; Roselaar, C. S. and Schalk, P. H. Digital Feathers - Extension of BRIS with macroscopic feather characters.
Slovakia Dekker A. Eurbase, Limitations and Opportunities
Slovakia Dolbeer, R. A. Evaluation of shooting and falconry to reduce bird strikes with aircraft at John F Kennedy International Airport
Slovakia Matthews, D. N.; Sreekumar, S.; Joseph, K. T.; Gangadharan, M.; Titus J. and Kumar M. Experiences of the Voluntary Zoologists and experts of the Calicut University, In Reducing Bird Hazards in the Aerodromes of Trivandrum, Cochin, Calicut, Mangalore and Ramnad, India
Slovakia Murar, Dr. B. and Vladimir, I. D. First experience on bird movements obtained by radar monitoring.
Slovakia J.R Allan, J. R.; Conyers, C.; Nicholl, A. and Baxter A. Identification of birdstrike remains by DNA analysis
Slovakia Lyne, K.; Gassner, I.; Bolger, R. and Kelly T. Is there a bird strike syndrome? Premliminary results from autopsy findings
Slovakia Satheesan, S. M. Need for imparting training at national level to bird controllers at civil and military airports
Slovakia Buurma, L. S. Prediction and Detection of Bird Flights across the control zone of airports
Slovakia Pazzetta, P. Project for organisation and regulation of the SPLA (Service De Provention Et De Lutte Aviaire) in France
Slovakia Leshem Y. and Ronen N. Removing Hiriya Garbage Dump, israel - A Test Case
Slovakia Satheesan, M. Sound and Light can control bird activity at Indian Airports
Slovakia Leshem, Y.; Shamoun-Baranes, J.; Yanai, M.; Tamir, R. and Yom-Tov, Y The development of a global database on bird movements and bird strikes in military and civilian flight
Slovakia Thorpe, J. The implications of recent serious birdstrike accidents and multiple engine ingestions
Slovakia Montemaggiori, A. The importance of bird monitoring at Airports: The case of Fiumicino, Rome
Slovakia Andreyev, A.; Kachevsky, O.; Konohkov, V.; Chepkin, V.; Yakoby, V. The Problems of the Vector - Conrolled AL-31 F Engine damage and its reconditioning after large bird ingestion
Slovakia Krzal, J. and Krupka, R. The Protection of Military Airbases against collisions of Planes with birds.
Slovakia Ruhe, W. The Weather Radar Network - Another monitoring device for bird activity
Slovakia Mamnueco, Maj. J. C. Thermics maximum height for birds, minimum for jets.
Slovakia Budgey, R. Three dimentional bird flock structure and its implications for birdstrike tolerence in aircraft
Slovakia Horesh Z. and Milo, Y. Using Traps to Control Pigeon and Crow Populations in Airfields
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  29th - Cairns 2010 28th - Brasil 2008
27th - Athens 2005 26th - Warsaw 2003 25th - Amsterdam 2000
24th - Slovakia 1998 23rd - London 1996 22nd - Vienna 1994
21st - Jerusalem 1992 20th - Helsinki 1990 19th - Madrid 1988
18th - Copenhagen 1986 17th - Rome 1984 16th - Moscow 1982
15th - Brussels 1981 14th - The Hague 1979 13th - Bern 1978
12th - Paris 1977 11th - London 1976 10th - Stockholm 1975
9th - Frankfurt 1974 8th - Paris 1973 7th - London 1972
6th - Copenhagen 1971 5th - The Hague 1970 4th - The Hague 1969
3rd - Brussels 1968 2nd - The Hague 1967 1st - Frankfurt 1966 - no papers